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This company was wonderful to work with. Very professional.

Donna J

They completed the roof in one day. The neighbors complimented on how fast they were done with the roof. They did an excellent job.

Jackie L

He immediately corrected an issue we had and then inspected it and made sure it was done correctly and did also additional work so the leak would not return at no  charge. He went above and beyond! He also did an estimate on other properties and was very honest!

Elton D.

We needed a new roof as quickly as possible to facilitate the sale of my mother’s house. Dave Flora not only gave us the best price but picked out shingles that matched the house and finished the entire job within a few days after we signed the contract.

Michael Gillespie

One of the best roofing companies columbus ohio. Dave and his installers were absolutely phenomenal. Competitive pricing, prompt service and attention to detail was much appreciated.

Rick Starr
Realtor, Team Leader

J.D. Flora Roofing is my go to roofing company when it comes to any roofing issues that my clients may encounter. These guys are fast, their pricing is very fair and they do excellent work. They have never let me down and make me look good in the eyes or my clients.

Drew Hansel
Remax Realtor

I have been working with Dave Flora the owner of J.D. Flora Roofing for 15 years. Dave has never let me down, he is professional, affordable and his work is excellent. He uses the same installers on every job and these guys are the best in the roofing industry. Dave and his crew are the only roofers that use.

Doug Houser
Houser Custom Home's

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Best Roofing Contractor in Columbus, Central Ohio

J.D Flora Roofing Company – Ohio

J.D Flora Roofing contractor offers Roof Installation, Roof Repair & Maintenance Services in Columbus & around Central Ohio. Rated one of the best Roofer in Central Ohio in roofing since