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Tips for Getting The Best Work From Your Roofing Contractor

Roof Installation Service in Columbus Ohio

Here’s a quick checklist, from our previous blog, to consider while hiring a reliable roofing contractor in Columbus Ohio.

Get local referrals & years in business. There is less chance of disappointments when you choose a well reputed, local roofing contractor from your community in & around Columbus- Ohio. J.D Flora has been serving Central Ohio since 1992.

Look for manufacturer designations. A roofing contractor must pass certain minimum requirements to be factory certified.

Research Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings. GAF roofing contractors are required to maintain satisfactory ratings with the BBB in order to retain their certification.

Research available warranties. Not all roofing contractors can offer manufacturer warranties that include coverage for the contractor’s workmanship.

Check for proper licensing and insurance. A roofing contractor should have insurance for all employees and subcontractors and be able to provide a copy of their insurance certificate for validation.

Always pay your deductible. Any roofing contractor who claims they can handle the repair without your having to pay your insurance deductible may be committing insurance fraud and/or putting you at risk.

Also, a contractor who says they are “a claim specialist” or can “handle your insurance claim” may be breaking the law.

Don’t give in to pressure. Watch out for a contractor who pressures you to sign a contract before your insurance company has estimated the damage.

Once you choose a roofing contractor, it is likely that they will recommend you call your insurance company and file a claim. In most cases, your insurance company will send out an insurance adjuster to evaluate the damage and work with you to resolve the claim. Most insurance adjusters are experienced with many elements of a home’s construction, but may not be roofing experts or have the ability to climb on your roof/ so it may be a good idea to have your GAF factory-certified roofing contractor meet your adjuster at your home. J.D Flora roofing is GAF certified roofing contractor in Pickerington Ohio.

If your insurance claim is approved, the settlement amount may be able to pay for a new roof similar to what you had before.

This is a great time to choose the roof style and shingle color you want.

Consult your GAF factory-certified roofing contractor to share options with you.

Don’t try to settle your own insurance claim — seek professional advice.

After a storm, many people claiming to be roofing experts or insurance-claim experts will begin knocking on your door. They’ll claim that you have damage and that they can “get you a new roof”.

Many will ask you to sign a “contingency agreement” so they can climb on your roof and take a closer look. This document may legally bind your claim to their company.

Never sign anything without reading it fully, asking questions about any terms that are not clear to you, and you are sure who you are doing business with and that you would like to do business with them.

Make sure your contractor is licensed to perform roofing services in your state or municipality. Ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate and call the insurance company to confirm it is current.

At J.D Flora Roofing in Columbus, Central Ohio, we believe in delivering quality and reliable roofing services. Our team of roofing experts have the experience and expertize to deal with all kinds of roofing problems.

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