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How to pick the right roof for your house

How to pick the right roof

The roofing material and it’s quality will directly affect the lifespan of your house. If the roofing material is cheap, other parts of your house will show the effects on them. In this article, we will discuss, how to pick the right roof for your house.

Different types of roof material offer various levels of energy efficiency for your attic and roof. the color of your roof also makes a difference. If you intend to keep your house cool, selecting a lighter color will reflect the heat away and keep the house cool.

Each type of Roofing material has different temperature resistance and affect the amount of heat absorbed in your home.

So how to pick the right roof for your house?

Asphalt Roof

Majority of the houses in North America uses asphalt roof shingles. Asphalt roofs have a mineral coating over them.

Cool Roof Shingles

Cool roof shingles are a variation of asphalt roof shingles and are coated with highly reflective material to reflect the heat away.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are expensive than asphalt shingles and are used in high end homes due to their rustic look.

Metal Roof

Metal roof shingles are the second most popular type of residential roofing. Metal roofing comes in various styles to resemble the traditional roofs.

Composite Roof

composite roof shingles are made from a variety of material and are resistant to mold and algae growth. Composite roofing does not crack, split, peel or warp and comes in most any color, shape or size.

Selecting the best type of roof depends on various factors and needs requires professional assistance. To ease your stress in selecting the right colors for your roofs & exteriors, GAF has a virtual home remodeler tool where you can check the select the best colors to match the style of your house.

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