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How to Care For Your Roof?

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How to care for your roof? A refresher for quick reference.

The warm sunny days would soon be over and now is the best time to inspect your roof to avoid major repairs during the harsh winter.

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The average life of Asphalt shingles is about 20 years. Extreme weather conditions can severely affect the lifespan of any roof. Whether your roof is new or a few years old, you can keep it in the best possible shape for the longest time by following these simple tips to care for your roof.

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Keep the gutters clean

Though water helps in cleaning the roof, a clogged gutter can retain the water and rot the roof. During the fall season, dried leaves may fall into the gutter and windy weather might deposit dirt. The combination of leaves and dirt may clog the drain and seep into the roof.

Keep the roof clean

Any debris that can cause water to remain stagnant on the roof will trap moisture and start to damage the roof. While inspecting the roof, look for signs that shows excess moisture.

Check the roof from inside the attic

With the need for an air conditioner in summer and a heater in winter, the air travels upwards and reaches the roof, providing an adequate environment for algae to grow. Hire a pro to get rid of algae.

Trim the branches hanging over or near the roof

A branch of a tree can be as damaging as water during high winds. If you have mature trees closer to your home, ensure that the branches are not close to the roof. Branches can also provide rodents and pests easy access to your roof. Its a good practice to always trim the branches hanging over the roof.

Listen to your roof

After a big wind or rain, or if you hear rodents, give your roof a quick check. Look for loose / displaced shingles. Check around vents and other openings. A little care of your roof will go a long way and help you avoid major repairs. It is recommended to inspect your roof after extreme weather conditions like tornadoes, hailstorm, hurricanes, etc.

If anything seems out of place, give us a call and we can inspect your roof ASAP.

Most homes owners can follow these guidelines and take care for their roof themselves; however, only a trained roofing professional can find certain types of damages that a homeowner might overlook.

If your roof is less than 5 years old and shows no sign of any damage, you can probably get by with a visual inspection of the roof and inside the attic. For older roofs, a comprehensive roof inspection should be completed by a roofing professional.

Roof inspections should be performed regularly by trained roofing professionals, preferably every six months, once in the spring and again in the fall. Early problem detection makes repairs manageable before they become serious.

When we inspect your roof, we do a thorough inspection of the structure, material, interiors, etc. Having a reliable roofing contractor check your roof ensures that your roof is in good state and any minor issues found during the inspection is fixed before it turns into a major roofing issue..

After the inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report about the condition of your roof and what repairs, if any, are necessary to keep it in good shape. If repairs are necessary, schedule them before it starts snowing.

Most roofing problems can be fixed easily but if you ignore them, the damage will be much higher and will cost more.