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Get Your Roof Inspected Before Winter

Damaged shingles roof repair Columbus central Ohio

You may ask, why should I get my roof inspected before winter. Its October and winter season will kick in soon. With winter come winds, snow and weather that can damage your roof. If you haven’t done yet, we highly recommend you have a roof inspection done at the earliest. If you have just installed a brand new roof this year, you may not require a professional to carry out the inspection; however, you can visually check your roof and ensure its ready for mother nature.

The harsh weather adds stress to your roof. How old is your roof and what is its health? Do you think your roof can withstand the winter weather?

You can inspect the roof yourself by just looking at telltale signs and it does not take long.

It’s best to call a professional roofing contractor as not all of us are aware of the safety precautions and working with roofs. J.D Flora roofing offers a flat rate for roofing tune-up services.

Here’s what you can check to assess the health of your roof:

  • Are any shingles missing?
  • Did the water drip from the gutters when it rained?
  • Are the gutters clean and free of any debris?
  • Is the attic wet after a down pour?
  • Do you see any water stains on the roof or attic?
  • Are there any large branches in your yard?
  • Is the roof sagging?

Any roof damage must be repaired before winter, because it will only get worse. Routine repairs can be done now to prevent further problems. A scheduled roof inspection & repair is much less costly than an emergency in the middle of winter.

Getting your roof inspected before winter does have its benefits and helps you avoid potential costly and unplanned roof repairs.

To ensure that your roof is ready for the coming winter season and prevent unwanted major roof repairs, call the experts from J.D Flora Roofing today. We at J.D. Flora roofing are GAF certified roofing contractor in Columbus & central Ohio and provide the best & reliable roofing service since 1992. We assure you of professional installation, superior protection & warranty options. If you are looking for a trustworthy roofing specialist, give us a call today on 614 778 9923