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Emergency Roof Repair in Winter

Emergency Roofing Pickerington, Central Ohio

During this harsh winter weather, you could end up requiring emergency roofing services. Let us take a look at the common roofing problems that occur during the winter months:

Shingle Damage

Harsh winter weather can break old and worn out shingles. Shingles should be inspected before the winter weather kicks in.


If your attic is not insulated adequately, the cold wind can find its way inside and cause condensation. Perform a thorough check of your attic and ensure there are no visible problems.

Gutter Damage

If your gutters are not clean or if its incorrectly installed, water may not flow freely, leading to the formation of icicles & ice dams, this will add unnecessary weight on the roof, leading to severe damages.

Roof Damage

Branches from the nearby trees might fall on your roof. If they hit hard, your roof might end up with a hole in it. On a windy day, the branches make strike against the roof and scrape the asphalt off the shingles, eventually destroying the roof.

Roof Maintenance Checklist for Winter

Follow these tips to reduce the chances of any emergency situations with your roof and make it winter-ready:

  • Check the gutters for any blockages and ensure water can flow freely.
  • Ensure that your home, specifically the attic, is insulated adequately.
  • Inspect your roof thoroughly.
  • Schedule roof maintenance at regular intervals.

Tips on Handling Emergency Roof Repairs in Winter

It is important that you follow the points listed below to avoid severe damage:

  • If your roof gets damaged, be sure to move your family out of the house.
  • Seek assistance of professional a roofer.
  • Turn off the power supply in the affected area to prevent fire hazard.
  • Use safety gear while inspecting the affected portion of your roof.
  • Contact the specialists who have the experience and expertize to perform the task properly.

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A roof is a major component of your home, and repairing damages to the roof should be your top priority.

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