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5 Tips to Prepare Your Roof For Winter

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Exactly a year ago, we published the article – Is Your Roof Winter Ready?

Today, we will revisit these tips to ensure your roof is winter ready.

Winter is the perfect time to test the capability of your roof. The cold weather takes it toll on your house and the roof is the first one to face it.

Is your roof ready to withstand the winter?

The roof is a very important part of your home. Minor roofing problems, if left unattended, can quickly become a big problem and affect other areas of your house.

Get your roof inspected and minimize the damage in winter months.

To keep your roof in the best shape and avoid costly repairs during the cold winters, you need to conduct a laundry list of tasks before the winter kicks in. It is advisable to do these tasks while the weather permits and cold weather hasn’t set in yet.

Here are our 5 roof maintenance tips to help you prepare your roof for this winter:

1. Repair the roof

Do a visual inspection of the roof, do you notice dark stains in the attic? that is a sign of water damage. Are any shingles damaged, cracked or missing?

Fix any water damage and replace the missing and damaged shingles.

If left as is, the roof will lose its efficiency and you will need extra energy to heat the house

2. Trim The Trees

Are there trees in your yard that are touching the roof or hanging over it? An icy condition can form ice on the branches, making them heavy & might fall on your roof, leading to major roof repairs

3. Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Is your roof leaking in winter?
Gutters play a vital role in keeping your roof healthy. If the gutters are clogged, water will be retained and converted into ice during the cold winter months, this is called an ice dam.

This ice when melts, flows over on the roof causing water damage. So if you see a leaky roof, most probably its due to the formation of ice dams.

Gutters should be cleaned periodically and water must flow freely through them. This will prevent the formation of ice dam.

4. Check Insulation

Take a look in your attic to check if your insulation is in good shape. At the same time, also check if any part of the roof is bent or sagging.

If the roof seems to be out of shape, you will need the services of a professional roofing contractor. Your local roofing contractor can inspect the issue and recommend a solution.

This needs to be addresses ASAP as the extra weight of the snow on your roof will only make the problem worse.

5. Hire a professional roofing contractor

While this may seem as an unwanted expense, when you can do a visual inspection yourself, it is advisable to have a professional roofing contractor check your roof.

Professional roofing contractor can conduct a thorough check of your roof and give you the peace of mind, keeping your house safe in winter.

If your roof needs urgent repairs this winter, you are in luck. According to almanac.com winter in Ohio will have slightly above normal temperatures, this could possible help you tend to your roof repairs.

These tips will help you prepare your roof for the winter; however, if your roof still needs repairs, then the question is:

Can roofs be repaired in winter?

You may wonder, if it is dangerous for a roofer to be working on your roof during winter, but just like anyone else, a roofer needs to work and fix things when needed. A well experienced roofing contractor will not have any problems working in winter.

Ofcourse, a roof can be repaired in winter, provided its not going to snow for a few days. If there is snow already no the roof, it will take some time to shovel the snow and get the roof repaired.

It is not advisable to install a roof when its raining or snowing. Shingles will not stick on the wet surface and the roof may not be installed correctly.

According to the expert from asphaltmagazine.com, “It is possible to get a good new shingle roof job in the winter. It just takes a little planning and work.

Does home insurance cover leaky roof?

A standard home insurance policy should cover water damages from leaky roof, unless it is a result of negligence on your part.  Homeowner insurance will not cover any preventable damage to the property. Thus it becomes all the more important to fix minor roofing issues before they turn into a catastrophe.

If you have any questions or need expert advice on how to better prepare your roof for this winter season, call us today. For regular tips on roofing, follow our Facebook page.

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